Adam West On The Tonight Show

Adam made a surprise appearance on the Jay Leno’s Tonight Show Wednesday night.  Nic Cage was being interviewed about his role in the upcoming film Kick Ass.  He was describing how he grew up on the Batman TV series and emulated Adam’s performance for the role.  At which point, Jay brought Adam out to face off with Nic in a Batman triva game.  Watch below:

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  1. Jan Roger June 3, 2010 at 12:55 pm #

    Sadly, the clip for this is on Hulu, which is not accessible to people outside America. I just watched ‘Batman the Movie’ with the West-Ward commentary track, which is how I ended up on this website (Adam West mentioned it). But as I’m a Norway national I cannot access the clip. Would it be possible for someone to put this on YouTube?
    Some days you just can’t access a clip…
    - Jan Roger -

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